The curtain has finally gone up on my first blog!

In my travels, many of my clients and friends ask me what I think of today’s market. They are interested in knowing the thoughts of a real estate veteran.  Most of my friends and clients are also interested in the things I find interesting (or they are just telling that to get me to be quiet and leave!).  This blog is going to be a journal of my thoughts, rantings, opinions, and raves encompassing everything from Chicago real estate to concerts, selling a home to my favorite restaurants….the list is endless.  Chicago will be the main focus but weekend jaunts to my home in Saugatuck with the fabulous Miss Mia will also be included!

Bear with me through my growing pains — more like kicking and screaming pains — into this new venue.  Let me know your thoughts, favorite concerts, restaurants, or a fabulous new designer you just picked for your home.

Chicken Little is NOT welcome on this site because neither the sky nor the bottom are falling or falling out of Chicago Real Estate!!!