One of the best websites I have seen for a “differing” approach to gauging the market conditions is WagnerAppraisal .  This site is maintained by one of the leading appraisal companies in the Chicago area.  In business for more than 3 generations, it is a well spring of information and worth navagating.  The article that peeked my interest this month deals with the housing statistics for Chicago and the number months it would take to go through the inventory in differing price points. (Page 28 has the statistics regarding Lincoln Park and the Gold Coast.)  The accompanying newsletter also provides a wealth of information. 

When thinking of selling or purchasing in Chicago, it is important to know the market from differing viewpoints and a good Realtor and seasoned veteran of the Chicago market can serve as your source. I always want my clients to have more and more information. This approach of educating my buyers and sellers has proven to gives my clients the confidence to rely on my expertise at the end of the day.

Not all of life revolves around real estate and to that end, I will try to include sites for fun and entertainment in my daily blogs.  For those longing to get started with your garden and feel the cool silk of a great planting mix,  a wonderful site to inspire you is the Chicago Botanic Garden website.