Rubloff has an affiliation with Wells Fargo.  The Rubloff Wells Fargo brokers dedicated to the Rubloff clientele are superior and have just shared with me the recent April Market In Review  publication for information on the April real estate market. I find the information contained in this newsletter well written, succinct,and very informative. I hope you enjoy reading it as well!

The following issues are discussed:

  • Mixed News About Housing – Time to Buy Or Not?
  • Helping Consumers While Balancing Investor Interests
  • Averting Foreclosures And Protecting Communities
My favorite Chicago “thing” of the day is geared for our younger crowd.  The Kraft Family Series of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra is a marvel.  My little one is mesmerized and the learning experience is invaluable.  Subscriptions for next year are now available!  (It is great for the parents too!  I have a Master of Music performance degree from Indiana University … and I am mesmerized as well!)