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A few weeks ago, I asked John D’Ambrogio (director of Relocation for Rubloff), to author a “Guest Blog” on my site.  I have great admiration and respect for John and was not prepared for the blog he submitted.  The video he embedded kicked me in the head!  It is BY FAR the best “real estate” video I have seen in years…Enjoy!

Guest Blog by John D’Ambrogio – Relocation Director, Rubloff

As someone who handles “relocation” (actually any company-generated business) and as a colleague of Carol Ann’s, I want to share a great video posted on 1000 watt consulting: 

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 It really sums up what the consumer wants, and what is wrong with the vast majority of agents out there.  You, the consumer, are not a lead, you don’t need to be “dripped” on, you don’t want to see pictures of our dogs, etc.  — You the consumer are a PERSON who wants to be engaged, who wants a million-dollar experience.  You the consumer are willing to pay for our expertise, not our time! Agents like Carol Ann and many of her colleagues do tons of referral business and they know that it is about the customer experience.  At the end of the day, real estate is a COMMODITY, a good real estate agent (or company) is a BRAND.  You want reassurance (and then delivery) that someone is going to be a resource and advocate. 

 Actually, that’s what all service industries are about, changing commodities and products into brands and experiences!  To make a comparison, look at the restaurant experience you (almost always) experience at one of Rich Melman’s “Lettuce Entertain You” restaurants.  Sometimes kitschy, sometimes formal, sometimes over the top, but always professional and engaging.  I was at one of his restaurants a few years ago (they’re all good); it was very late on a Saturday and the place was about empty.  Here’s Mr. Melman sitting at the bar going over receipts.  I’d met him a few times before in business settings, so I went up to him and said “Hi Mr. Mellman, I just wanted to say I had a great meal tonight.”  Now I’m sure he doesn’t remember me, and the $100 on dinner isn’t going to make or break him, but his response wasn’t a quick “thank you” or a dismissive “yeah thanks.”  He perked up, asked me to sit down and tell me everything I ordered and ate and what I liked best!  That made me a fan for life…..

 John D’Ambrogio –

Relocation Director, Rubloff Residential Properties