As Thanksgiving has come and gone, and the chill in the air starts to creep in ever so faster, I am forced to recognize that the dreaded Chicago winter is rearing its ugly head once more. Months of blustery winds and sloshing through snow piles are ahead of us, as most of Chicago becomes a grey landscape for the foreseeable future. Most, one can say, except for that gorgeous stretch of area that seems to still retain a sense of beauty all winter: The Lake Shore.

With views that encapsulate the lake, city skyline and vast expanse, lake shore condominiums and co-ops become a theater of the most beautiful aspect of winter. The calmed icy lake, the picturesque snow covered fields of Lincoln Park, the city quiet at night as snow falls over all its inhabitants. Winter is still beautiful in this little spot of the city, and of course, practical as well.

And when the spring finally arrives? In Chicago, you have a front row seat for the most gorgeous display of greenery and new life that nature has to offer.

So, while others are lamenting the onset of grey sure to envelope most of Chicago, take heart that the future of happy winters is already making its way to us Lincoln Park. Seasons may change, but the experience of living in our city on the lake shore and park is truly timeless.